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Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

The defense lawyer at Carter & Putnam understands it is a serious criminal offense to leave the scene of an auto accident without exchanging proper information regardless of whether or not you were at fault. When an accident results in property damage or physical injury to another person, all parties involved must stop and exchange proper insurance and driver information (the driver’s name, contact information and driver’s license number). Knowingly and intentionally leaving the scene of an accident without providing the proper information is a criminal offense.

Depending on the amount of property damage and physical injury, the prosecutor may charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor an aggressive leaving the scene of an accident defense attorney may be able to assist in avoiding a felony charge. There may be physical evidence or witness testimony that will corroborate your side of the story and prove your innocence. You will need, however, a solid criminal defense attorney on your side to uncover this evidence and build a defense to avoid a conviction.

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