Short story about our firm

Carter & Putnam is an experienced, professional boutique law firm specializing in criminal and civil litigation. We have over 35 years of combined experience in criminal defense and personal injury work. This bespoke law firm represents the merger of two successful independent law offices run by the founders, J. Denise Carter and Tamara Putnam. By combining forces we bring to the table a wealth of experience gained while representing clients across multiple counties, states, countries and continents. This background has given us a unique perspective and creative problem solving skills that we put to work for our clients. Both of us have dedicated our entire careers to criminal defense and personal injury work.

We believe that hard work and preparation achieves the best results. We live by this principle with each client and each case. We devote our personal time and attention to each case. We enjoy working together with our clients to give them a distinctive personalized service which allows us to obtain the best possible results for our client.

We limit our practice to criminal defense, traffic tickets and serious personal injuries. This allows us to remain up to date on the most current laws and provide our clients with the best possible defense and recovery.

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