Vehicular Assault of Homicide

Vehicular Assault is defined as causing injury through reckless or criminally negligent operation of a motor vehicle or driving a motor vehicle in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of a controlled substance or drug and acts with criminal negligence to cause physical injury to another person. This is a Class C felony.

Vehicular Manslaughter is defined as causing a death through intoxicated or reckless operation is a Class B felony. However, causing a traffic fatality in the commission of another felony (such as fleeing police) can raise the stakes to a Class A felony.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident is defined as leaving the scene of an accident resulting in physical injury without assisting or providing proper information and insurance. This is a Class C felony.

There may be several defenses that can be used in a Vehicular Assault and/or Vehicular homicide case and will depend on the facts of each individual case. Additionally, the Vehicular Assault Lawyers and Vehicular Homicide Lawyers at Carter & Putnam, LLC would investigate all of the evidence, question the witnesses, seek the best expert witnesses or accident reconstruction experts, and ascertain whether all of the methods and procedures used by law enforcement were conducted lawfully. It is possible to have some, or even all of the evidence in a case thrown out if the police violated certain procedures.

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