Felony Defense

Of the two main classifications of crimes in Missouri and Kansas (misdemeanors and felonies), felonies are the more serious. A felony is any offense where the court may sentence an individual to state prison and/or grant probation. There are five main classifications of felony charges:

Type of Felony Maximum Penalty
Class A Felony Ten (10) to thirty (30) to Life
Class B Felony Five (5) to Fifteen (15) Years in Missouri Department of Corrections
Class C Felony Three (3) to Ten (10) years in Missouri State Prison
Class D Felony Up to Seven (7) years in Missouri State Prison
Class E Felony Up to Four (4) years in Missouri State Prison

In felony cases, the court will take into consideration a number of factors such as criminal history, background, nature and seriousness of charge in determining where in the above ranges one should be sentenced.

Not only can felony allegations result in significant prison sentences, they can seriously affect your reputation and ability to maintain or secure future employment and/or credit rating. A conviction for a felony offense can have devastating implications and result in the loss of your civil rights.

Our felony lawyers may be able to obtain a dismissal or keep the felony off of your permanent record all together. If these options are not available, our felony defense attorneys will look for other ways to achieve dismissal of your felony charges. Other alternatives may include probation. We will always seek to avoid a conviction being placed on your record and look for ways to keep you out of prison.

As a former felony prosecutor and former felony state public defender, the felony attorneys in the Office of Carter & Putnam, LLC have handled thousands of felony cases of all levels of complexity. Each case our felony defense attorneys handle is defended with the same degree of vigor and mindful of our ultimate goal which looks towards dismissal and keeping potential penalties to an absolute minimum. We understand the importance of keeping your record clear of a felony conviction and that your reputation, livelihood and well-being are on the line. If this is a first felony offense, the courts in our area often have programs for first time Felony offenders which may ultimately result in dismissal of your charges. You may also be eligible to keep the felony conviction off your criminal record.

We treat the opportunity to represent you as an honor and privilege. If you have been recently arrested or charged with any felony offense in the State of Missouri or Kansas, have a felony warrant for your arrest for failure to appear in court, are facing a felony violation of probation, received a felony summons to appear; we invite you to schedule your free consultation with an experienced Carter & Putnam felony defense lawyer by calling 816.246.8881. We look forward to assisting you.