Misdemeanor Defense

All Missouri & Kansas misdemeanors are crimes that are considered to be less serious than felonies, but if convicted of a misdemeanor you could get up to one year in county jail time and fines totaling $1,000. If you’re facing multiple misdemeanor charges, these charges will quickly add up to thousands of dollars and many months in jail. If you’re facing a misdemeanor charge the experienced misdemeanor attorneys at Carter & Putnam will work to completely dismiss your misdemeanor charge or get it reduced.

Many people tend to dismiss misdemeanor charges as “nothing serious,” but the punishment for being convicted of a misdemeanor charge can be very serious and can seriously disrupt your life with penalties including, jail time, major fines, community service, probation, court mandated counseling, restraining orders and loss of weapons rights.

If you’re being charged with a misdemeanor, even a low-level misdemeanor, you need to retain a criminal misdemeanor attorney right away who can make sure your misdemeanor charge stays a misdemeanor charge, and can possibly work out a deal with the prosecutor to reduce your charges because being convicted of a misdemeanor will result in it showing up on background checks for potential jobs and housing. Even worse, some misdemeanor charges can be elevated to a more serious felony charge.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the Missouri and Kansas criminal justice system, the legal defense experts at Carter & Putnam know all too well that showing up at court and suddenly finding out you’re being charged with a much more serious charge that can possibly send you to state prison can be devastating for you and your family. Contact our expert misdemeanor defense attorneys who will see to it you are not charged with anything more serious than the law allows. Call our office at 816.246.8881 for a free consultation.