Minor in Possession

The Jackson County criminal traffic minor in possession defense lawyers at Carter & Putnam regularly keep MIP charges off of peoples records. Minors (under 21 years of age) who are caught with alcohol can be charged with Minor In Possession whether or not they were drinking the alcohol. Merely holding an alcoholic beverage that belonged to someone else is sufficient evidence to be charged with Minor In Possession. Additionally, a minor who has a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .02% or higher is sufficient evidence to be charged with Minor in Possession by Consumption even without any other evidence of the minor being in possession of the alcohol. An MIP charge can seriously affect the cost of your insurance premiums. A criminal traffic ticket minor in possession defense lawyer can often keep these types of charges completely off of your criminal history even if you are guilty.

Minor in Possession charges can affect your future especially if you later incur other alcohol-related charges. Call 816.246.8881 for a free consultation with one of our top criminal traffic defense lawyers.