Our History

Carter & Putnam is an experienced, professional boutique law firm specializing in criminal and civil litigation. We have over 35 years of combined experience in criminal defense and personal injury work. This bespoke law firm represents the merger of two successful independent law offices run by the founders, J. Denise Carter and Tamara Putnam. By combining forces we bring to the table a wealth of experience gained while representing clients across multiple counties, states, countries and continents. This background has given us a unique perspective and creative problem solving skills that we put to work for our clients. Both of us have dedicated our entire careers to criminal defense and personal injury work.

Our Team


Tamara Putnam

Partner/ Criminal & Personal Injury Lawyer

Denise Carter

Partner/ Criminal & Personal Injury Lawyer
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What our happy customers say

  • I have never been handled so well with such professionalism as I have with this firm, more in particular, Denise Carter. Denise was a great listener to my problem and treated me more as friend with expert legal advice. I hope I never need such legal advice again. But, if I ever needed some, this is the firm I would trust.

    Tom Green
  • I’m a Sgt with the NJ dept. of Corrections. My estranged Ex-wife for the 3rd time filed domestic violence and harassment charges against me from Kansas in an effort to destroy my career and gain leverage in our ongoing custody battle over our daughter. She had lost custody in NJ. A conviction of ether charge would have ended my career and given my ex legitimate grounds for have custody reversed back to her. A friend in the F.B.I. called the Kansas office they Recommended Tamara Putnam. Mrs Putnam took the case and read through several boxes of court transcripts and several conversations to completely familiarize herself with the history of my difficult case history that spans over 5 years of litigation. Tamara was incredibly organized with all her evidence exhibits and game plan. It took tamara exactly 32 minutes to completely and utterly destroy my ex-wife credibility on the stand. After clearing me of all charges Mrs. Putnam filed a motion for my legal fee to be paid by my ex-wife. Judges almost NEVER grant legal fees. Mrs. Putnam got the judge to order my ex-wife to pay for every billable hour as well as my plane ticket and hotel stay that I incurred defending myself from these charges. In short Tamara kicked ass and took names. 32 MINUTES for a dismissal I wish I had a video of her at work. She ever makes it to the east coast drinks are on me. You would be hard pressed to find a better Attorney.

    Jose Esteves
  • I feel so blessed (and relieved) to have been represented by Carter & Putnam, specifically Tamara Putman, in my criminal case. My first offense – I was frightened, alone and definitely ill-equipped to attempt to handle my case alone. Within hours of taking my case, Ms Putnam had me released and back in my home – safely. The court experience is daunting, of course, but you never feel afraid. Carter & Putnam maintain contact, always keeping you abreast of any new developments or decisions in your case. When/If you go to court, you feel confident, prepared, and nearly smug with your representation (if you know what I mean). I am 100% satisfied with my case, and would confidently refer this firm to my friends and family.

    Jodie Murril
  • Efficient and personable office. Made an unpleasant issue painless. Would highly recommend! ! Thank you Denise!

    Summer Stewart
  • What a friendly team of professionals. I have worked with both Carter & Putnam. Both are very talented and took even the minor infractions seriously. I would recommend them any day of the week. It is clear they both love their job. As far as lawyers go, you would invite these two over for a back yard BBQ.

    Brad Wetzel
  • I had an out of state DUI case and they were so helpful and kind always prompt to respond either via phone or email. so happy i went to them! couldnt hacve asked for a better outcome! and i didn’t have to step foot in the court room at all! highly recommend them!
    Michael H.