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When Medical Mistakes Cause Lasting Harm

Doctors, surgeons and nurses can make mistakes. But there is a human cost to those mistakes, and medical professionals should be held accountable when their unprofessional conduct leads to serious injury or death.

The law firm of Carter & Putnam, LLC, holds physicians and hospitals responsible through medical malpractice lawsuits. We have successfully sued medical providers in Jackson County and surrounding areas of Missouri and Kansas. Tamara Putnam is a fierce advocate and skilled trial lawyer who will fight for your rightful compensation.

Do You Have A Malpractice Case?
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What Is Considered Medical Malpractice?

An error or poor outcome of treatment is not necessarily malpractice. Some medical conditions defy diagnosis or can’t be cured. Some mistakes do not cause any serious or lasting harm. Medical malpractice occurs when the physician or care provider deviates from the standard procedure or commits an unforgivable error, and their negligence results in irreversible injury or death.

Malpractice occurs in all areas of health care such as:

  • Surgery and anesthesia errors
  • Lab errors and diagnostics
  • Administering the wrong medication or wrong dose
  • Mismanagement of childbirth resulting in birth injury
  • Failure to diagnose cancer at a treatable stage
  • Failure to diagnose life-threatening conditions (heart attack, stroke, sepsis, internal bleeding)
  • Bed sores or medical neglect in nursing home care
  • Failure to obtain the patient’s informed consent

Proving Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice cases are complex and hard-fought. The victim has the burden of proof, and the standard is high. Juries tend to give doctors the benefit of the doubt, so the evidence of wrongdoing must be clear and compelling. Tamara Putnam is an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to build a solid case. She is diligent in investigating the medical records and the history of the medical professionals involved. She works with qualified medical experts who can attest that the doctor or hospital staff ignored safety protocols or otherwise failed to meet the standard of care.

We aim for a fair and timely settlement that covers our client’s losses, but Tamara is always prepared to take a case to trial when medical professionals and their insurers will not negotiate reasonable compensation.

Let’s Explore Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Our attorney is experienced in determining whether or not malpractice has occurred when someone is injured as a result of the misconduct of individuals in the health care field. If you or a family member has suffered harm at the hands of a medical provider, then you should speak with Tamara Putnam “The Fighter Lawyer.” Please call our office at 816-246-8881 for a free consultation.