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A burglary is committed when someone enters a building with the specific intent to steal something or commit a felony. The state only has to prove that you had the intent to steal something or commit a felony when entering a building. The prosecution does not have to prove that you actually stole anything or committed a crime.

For example, you could be found guilty of burglary for entering a building with the intent to vandalize it. You could also be found guilty of burglary even if there was no evidence of stolen property as long as the state can prove you had the intent to steal something when you entered the building. The choice of a criminal defense burglary attorney should not be taken lightly. You want the best defense available to you because of the long-term ramifications of a felony conviction.

Burglary is a serious offense with serious penalties if you are convicted. Our criminal defense burglary attorney will ensure that your rights are protected if you have been charged with burglary. Any felony conviction has serious consequences for your future. Not only are you facing potentially significant time in prison, but there are also many employers that will not hire or keep someone who has a felony conviction. Call Carter & Putnam at 816-246-8881 for a free consultation with an experienced criminal burglary defense lawyer.