Probation Violation

Violating conditions of probation could result in serious consequences. Probation is generally offered as an alternative to jail or prison. Compliance with the terms of your probation is important to maintain your freedom. Therefore, if you are facing a probation violation hearing it is critical that you take the matter seriously. Having a skilled criminal defense probation violation attorney in your corner can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of the hearing. Rather than having a sentence executed or imposed we may be capable of getting the violation or allegation dropped or negotiate an alternative penalty, such as treatment, counseling, community service, etc. Time is of the essence on probation violation cases.

The first question we will ask you is whether or not you actually violated the conditions of your probably. If you have not violated the conditions, then we will make every effort to get the allegations dropped. If you did violate the probation conditions, then we will work hard to minimized the damage by coming up with a solution that will keep you out of jail or prison.

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