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Holding Drunk Drivers And Alcohol Vendors Accountable

Nothing is more dangerous than sharing the road with a drunk driver. In their impaired state, they are likely to run a red light, sideswipe another car, cross the center line of the highway or cause a rear-end crash. The resulting injuries are often worse because an intoxicated driver may not even swerve or hit the brakes before impact.

In addition to bringing a claim against the drunken driver, Missouri law allows victims to sue the bar or tavern that enabled a preventable tragedy. Lee’s Summit personal injury lawyer Tamara Putnam will fight for maximum compensation for a drunk driving accident, including a possible “dram shop” lawsuit.

Injured By A Drunk Driver?
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What If The Drunk Driver Can’t Cover The Damages?

Ideally, the responding police officer records the blood alcohol level of a suspected drunk person. That evidence is a strong piece in proving that the driver was too impaired to drive and thus primarily at fault for the crash.

All too often, drunk drivers do not have insurance or even a valid driver’s license. In this scenario, we may be able to recover compensation under your own auto insurance policy if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. We pursue all available sources of compensation to cover your losses.

Missouri Dram Shop Law: Was The Bar Owner Negligent?

Under limited circumstances, you can sue the owners of an alcohol vendor that served the person who then got behind the wheel and caused an accident:

If they knew or should have known the driver was under the legal drinking age of 21, or
If they served more alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person
This is known as the “dram shop” law. In Missouri, it only applies to businesses that serve drinks for consumption on the premises (bars, restaurants, nightclubs). It does not apply to liquor stores or convenience stores, nor to social hosts (homeowners) who serve alcohol to their guests. We know how to investigate to show that the bar personnel could and should have intervened to prevent the drunk driving accident.

[Note: Kansas does not recognize dram shop liability. You are limited to recovery under the drunk driver’s insurance or your own auto policy.]

Put Your Trust In The Fighter Lawyer

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