If you are charged with a DWI or DUI, your driver’s license is in Severe Danger!!! You will lose your privilege to drive if you fail to take action within 10 days in Kansas and 15 days in Missouri from the date of your DWI arrest!!

You want an experienced Lees Summit DUI lawyer to defend you.

There are ways to beat a DWI or DUI conviction:

To preserve your privilege to drive under the administrative process, you must act quickly! You or your attorney may have as little as 10 days in Kansas and 15 days in Missouri from the date of the alcohol breath test to affirmatively request an Administrative Hearing to challenge the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. If you fail to request an Administrative Hearing in a timely fashion, then you lose your right to dispute the suspension or revocation. You need to hire a Missouri DUI criminal traffic defense attorney immediately!

Drunk driving has quickly become one of the most specialized areas of criminal defense. While many attorneys attempt to handle drunk driving defenses, few understand the ever-changing statutes, sanctions and defenses these charges entail. The DUI laws are very confusing and perilous. You will need a skilled and experienced Lee’s Summit criminal defense attorney to represent you through the process.

In recent years, political activists have made drunk driving a major issue in the media and in courtrooms across our nation. The penalties for DUI are steep. Police officers are very alert to any signs of impaired drivers on the roads. A drunk driving conviction can damage many areas of your life. If you have had prior DWI/DUI convictions the stakes go up. You are facing quite significant consequences that can involve long prison sentences and high fines depending on the number of prior convictions you may have. You will want an experience Kansas City DUI attorney to represent you on your DWI charges.

Most drunk driving arrests result in the government pursuing you in two separate and distinct actions. First, the Prosecutor will file criminal charges on the pending DWI/DUI arrest. Second, the Department of Revenue will move to suspend or revoke your privilege to drive based on your arrest. Even if you defeat one of these separate actions, the other still remains and could suspend your driving privileges. You must defeat both the criminal and the Administrative Actions to preserve your privilege to drive. An experienced DUI criminal traffic defense attorney that focuses on drunk driving law can make all the difference.

Possible ramifications of DWI/DUI offenses are:

  • Criminal Charges Administrative Actions
  • Mandatory Court Appearances
  • Jail Time License Suspended
  • Fines License Revocation
  • Ignition Interlock Device Reinstatement Fee
  • Supervised Probation Drug/Alcohol Evaluation
  • Drug/Alcohol Classes Drug/Alcohol Classes
  • Community Service Ignition Interlock Device
  • Criminal Conviction

Constant media attention has resulted in more police time being devoted to DUI/DWI policing. Police are making mistakes with the increased pressure to make more and more drunk driving arrest. DUI arrests are often the result of unlawful police stops or police misconduct in administering field sobriety tests or BAC tests. A DUI criminal attorney can make sure your rights are protected.