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Assault is taking an action that you knew or should have known would cause fear or apprehension of imminent bodily injury in another person. Assault can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the severity of the altercation and any injuries arising from the incident. As criminal assault attorneys, we are familiar with the laws surrounding assault and are well aware of what the state must prove in order to obtain a conviction on the various levels of felony or misdemeanor assault and have had a great deal of success defending assault charges.

If you have been accused of threatening or intentionally harming another person, you must protect your rights and use every legal option available to defend yourself. You will need an experienced criminal defense assault attorney to assist in your defense. Extremely serious penalties are often imposed on people convicted of assault. You will want to have an assault lawyer on your side so that you have a chance to avoid those penalties. At our firm, we want to ensure that your rights are protected if you have been charged with assault. Call 816-246-8881 for a free consultation with our criminal defense attorney, Tamara Putnam, who regularly defends criminal cases.