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Most Electric Shock Accidents Are Preventable

Deaths and serious injury from electrical shock are all too common, and usually preventable. From accidental contact with high voltage lines to injuries from faulty wiring, victims of electrical shock may have a personal injury claim against those responsible for the safety hazard.

The law firm of Carter & Putnam, LLC, has helped people throughout the Kansas City area recover compensation for the long-term effects of electric shock accidents. Call us at 816-246-8881 for a free consultation.

Electrical Shock Injuries

Contact with live electricity, even at low voltage, can cause serious and lasting injuries. The person may suffer electrical burns at the point of contact as well as in other areas of the body where the electrical current exits. It can cause internal burns and organ damage. Electric shock can cause cardiac arrest and permanent damage to the heart.

The most common effect of electric shock is neurological damage – the brain, the spinal cord and the nervous system. The person has loss of feeling, partial paralysis or tingling/burning in their extremities. They may have cognitive or sensory problems. A strong current can cause the person to lose consciousness and fall, or prevent them from breaking free, resulting in serious injuries or death.

We work with victims and their medical providers to understand the physical damage and the impact on their lives, including disability from working. We also know how to investigate to understand how the electrical accident occurred. Carter & Putnam will pursue action against utility companies, electricians and construction contractors, landlords, manufacturers of faulty appliances or tools, and other parties who created an electric shock hazard or should have known of the danger.

They Call Her The Fighter Lawyer

Trial lawyer Tamara Putnam is thorough and aggressive in pursuit of compensation for our clients. She will stand up to the wrongdoers and take them to court if necessary to get a good recovery. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call our Lee’s Summit office at 816-246-8881.