Internet Crimes

Cyber stalking, internet harassment, fraud/theft by internet allegations are taken very seriously by law enforcement. Any electronic communication that is intended to inflict emotional distress or does cause distress on another person can result in criminal charges. Any purchase made by credit card in which one does not have authority to use by way of the internet is a felony.

Internet Sex Crimes

Very often messages sent by text, email, Facebook, My Space or Twitter can take on a meaning that you never expected or intended. Those same messages could be used against you in the prosecution of an internet sex crime. State prosecutors are now charging internet sex crimes for illegal communication sent via Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and text messages. Beware! Any electronic communication can and will be recovered by law enforcement. The recovery and preservation of this electronic evidence is complicated and requires the ultimate attention to detail. The preservation of the electronic information is also time sensitive. Your entire defense can be lost if preservation letters are not sent by certified mail immediately by your internet sex crimes attorney. A criminal defense internet sex crime attorney with experience is necessary to adequately defend your rights. Not all criminal defense attorneys handle these types of cases and often a technical expert is required. Our Internet Sex Crime Defense Attorneys have the experience you need to successfully defend these charges.