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Drug Crime Defense

The War on Drugs provided law enforcement with broader and far-reaching tactics to bring criminal charges against drug offenders. Often the police will arrest everyone in a car or house where illegal drugs are located. The arrest occurs and charges are filed. Yet with an astute lawyer, the prosecutor may not be able to sustain a conviction with the “community drug possession” theory. Mere presence in a car or room where illegal drugs are found is not sufficient evidence to sustain a conviction. .

A strong legal advocate who understands the law can be successful in fighting community possession charges and other charges relating to the possession or distribution of drugs. Criminal defense attorney Tamara Putnam will use her 25 years of experience to fight for your constitutional rights and build a strong defense to protect your rights.

Challenging The Basis For Drug Charges

Modern technology provides law enforcement with many new avenues to track illegal activity and the movement of contraband across the United States. Law enforcement uses search warrants to obtain and investigate cellular phone data to build criminal drug charges. Law enforcement also uses search warrants to enter private residences or businesses unannounced to the owner. The police are seeking proof of the illegal activity including possession of illegal drugs, guns, scales, baggies, cash acquired from the sale of drugs, physical records of drug sales stored on a phone or on paper.

We know how to protect your constitutional rights and challenge the prosecution’s evidence and methods. Call The Fighter Lawyer, Tamara Putnam, at 816-246-8881 to discuss your drug charges.