Drug Charges

Since the War on Drugs began, police have been exercising ever broadening and far-ranging tactics in an effort to find drug offenders. Often the police will arrest everyone in the car or house where they find drugs. Although mere presence isn’t enough to sustain a conviction, it is enough for the police to file charges. Many charges are founded on an improper search or seizure. Once charges are filed, however, if a defendant doesn’t understand his or her rights, he or she can be pressured into giving up names and information. This can often hurt their case as it moves forward.

Drug Charges can range from a misdemeanor to a serious felony depending on the drug and amount involved. Depending on the type of drug charge, you face significant jail or prison time, if convicted. These cases need to be looked at closely by an attorney that knows how to make sure your rights are protected. Not all criminal lawyers handling Possession or Possession with Intent to Distribute/Trafficking are experienced in the nuances involved in handling these cases.

Often times the police will offer to not charge you if you cooperate and work them. However, the police do not have the authority to offer a deal to you. Deals can only be done through the prosecutor. When facing a drug crime or charge (whether a felony or misdemeanor) of any kind, you need a drug charges lawyer to negotiate any deal you are offered. Whether your Missouri drug charge is possession, sales or any other charge involving methamphetamine, powder cocaine, crack or base cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or PCP, it’s possible to mount a strong defense with the help of the right criminal defense drug attorney. Call Carter & Putnam at 816.246.8881 for a free consultation with an experienced drug charges defense lawyer.