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Driving While Suspended

Driving while suspended is a serious charge that has long-lasting ramifications and requires an experienced criminal traffic defense lawyer to preserve your license. First and foremost, a conviction results in 12 points being assessed against your Missouri driving record. Many people fail to realize that a driving while suspended charge carries more points than a DUI/DWI. A conviction will result in a revocation of your driver’s license for a year. Additionally, you will face substantial fines and possibly jail time.

Missouri and Kansas laws have both become more aggressive over the past few years. If this is not your first offense for this type of charge it is even more imperative that you contact an experienced criminal traffic defense attorney immediately. Prior convictions for DWS/DWR can enhance your current misdemeanor charge to a felony charge which may carry a prison sentence along with costing you many of the rights we as Americans are accustomed to. Don’t become a convicted felon.