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A Lawyer Who Truly Understands DUI Field Sobriety Tests

Getting pulled over for a DWI/DUI and being forced to perform the Standard Field Sobriety Test on the roadside with highway traffic driving past you is an embarrassing and unnerving ordeal.

At Carter & Putnam, we have years of experience defending DUI/DWI cases. The Fighter Laywer, Tamara Putnam, has actually been certified in the exact same course that law enforcement officers take to be certified to administer the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) during a DUI/DWI investigation. To effectively cross-examine the arresting officer, your attorney must have the same training and expertise as that officer.

Did The Officer Perform The Test Correctly?

The SFSTs are the officially recognized roadside tests that are admissible in court as grounds to take a person into custody on suspicion of drunk driving: (1) the Walk And Turn, (2) The One Leg Stand and (3) the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus or “pen test.” These tests are difficult to administer and must be scored correctly. There are many technicalities to the administration and scoring of the SFST that the Fighter Lawyer will evaluate and use in your defense.

In our experience, arresting officers often do not conduct the Standard Field Sobriety Test properly, setting the driver up to “fail” the test. The Fighter Lawyer vigorously challenges the circumstances of your arrest and will defend your case. Call 816-246-8881 to speak to our team about aggressively defending your driving privileges and your criminal DUI/DWI charges.